Since 1993 we’ve delivered over 7500 projects for over 300 clients . We put together ideas, words, design, print and technology, with passion and enthusiasm to help our clients to…

In June 2018 we quietly clocked up our 25th Anniversary, we were busy and distracted by the day-to-day pressures of running the business and getting projects out on time, and so missed the big day.  Like any business that’s been around for a while we’ve had our ups and downs and had to weather a few storms, but the thing that’s remained consistent is the commitment and dedication of a team that loves what they do.

I’d like to raise a glass (of elderflower) and toast all our clients, suppliers, every Workshopper (past and present), along with their families, who have been an important extension of the team, thank you.

We have over 25 year's experience of helping organisations to do more with effective design and digital solutions, we love what we do, we want to make a difference and we want to work with organisations that share our values.