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We're currently working in a joint venture with Howell Marine Consulting on Output 2.2 - Consultancy Services for Institutional Strengthening and Knowledge Services of the Caribbean Regional Oceanscape Project (CROP) for the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). 

The project is funded by the World Bank via GEF as a global initiative, developing the notion of sustainable blue economies, that will reach far beyond the initial launch phase in the Caribbean. 

When complete, sometime in spring 2021, we'll have developed education and learning materials that support teachers and pupils in primary schools, young people in communities and colleges, undergraduates in university and managers and policy makers across governments.  

Most of the outputs will sit on the Think Blue Academy database that we've developed on Umbraco Cloud, and the open courses will be available on the Think Blue Campus that we've developed on the Open edX platform. The e-books will be available on Google Books and there'll be a new set of Ocean Explorer expeditions on Explorer HQ. 

While we've been thinking about how the caribbean region needs the help of the rest of the world to tackle the effects of climate change on their communities we've developed the idea of ripples. Take a look at the ripples page for more info...and join us in a bid to save the ripple at a time!